Revive Kumudavathi

If there is no water, there cannot be life! Natural water resources like major rivers, small river and stream networks, lakes, ponds etc. have been the sources of water for drinking and agriculture in any part of the world.

India has hundreds of small river networks which are tributaries to main rivers, dwindling due to unplanned urbanization, over exploitation of natural resources, loss of vegetation cover etc. Many of these natural water resources are lifeline for rural population for drinking and agriculture, in some cases support drinking water for urban population as well.

Kumudvathi is one such small river in the state of Karnataka, just around 50KM from the capital city Bengaluru. Kumudvathi river is a tributary to Arkavathi river together are the source rivers for Tippagondanahalli reservoir which used to supply 30% of Bengaluru city population two decades ago.

Kumudvathi is not to be seen now, its stream network has dried up, ground water in all the villages of the river basin has dropped drastically. Water crisis is looming large in all these villages forcing the rural population to migrate to Bengaluru city in search of livelihood.

Is it possible to revive a river? Yes! through a scientific comprehensive plan!

Kumudvathi River Rejuvenation Project is a noble initiative to revive this river to its original glory, which is turning out to be a model to revive many such rivers across the country. Few example, river Vedavathi in Chikmagalur district, river Palar in Kolar district of Karnataka state, river Naganadi in Tamilnadu state etc.

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