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We invite citizens and Corporate houses who feel concerned on this issue to partner and participate with us in rejuvenating Kumudvathi river.

Following activities are to be executed to cover the river basin covering 18 mini-watersheds to rejuvenate the river.

  • 885 recharge wells in 278 villages covering 460 sq. kms. of the river basin
  • 1749 Boulder checks along the streams
  • 54 Deep Injection wells are needed in the river basin
  • 223 water pools to be made in the lakes
  • 1,00,000 trees are to be planted in the area

Following activities have been executed so far:

  • 20 Traditional step wells have been de-silted.
  • 285 Boulder checks constructed.
  • 285 Recharge wells have been constructed.
  • 29 Recharge Bore Wells have been constructed..
  • 36 Water Pools have been constructed.
  • 23,000 Saplings have been planted and are being maintained.
  • Positive impact of the rejuvenating activities is already visible in few villages with 5 to 10ft of water standing in open wells and step wells within one summer which were otherwise dry.
GovtLogo This project and its methodology is appreciated and recommended for implementation by Lok Adalat, a bench of Hon. High court of Karnataka. This project is being implemented with close cooperation with the local administration.

We would appreciate you partnering in any of the mentioned activities:

Adopting a mini-watershed for Ground water Rejuvenation:
Kumudvathi river basin is geologically mapped into 18 sub maps called as mini-watersheds. Each mini-watershed area consists of around 10 to 20 villages which needs to be rejuvenated capturing rain water into a stream network.
Corporate houses or individuals can adopt a mini-watershed and contribute for construction of recharge structures for ground water rejuvenation.

Sponsoring a recharge structure:
Individuals can opt for sponsoring one or more recharge structures like Recharge wells, Deep Injection wells, water pool, tree plantations etc.

Tree Plantation :
Each tree to be planted can be sponsored and adopted which covers plantation and maintenance for initial 6 months during summer season

River Volunteering Programme :
Corporate groups may choose a day of volunteering at the Kumudvathi River site by sponsoring an activity like tree plantation or Kalyani (step well) cleaning and also participating physically.

Corporate Social Responsibility :

Reviving a river is nothing but reviving the whole socio-economic situation of the region.

Many corporates have already partnered with the project in one or more ways as mentioned in the options above ranging from adopting a mini-watershed to tree plantation as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives.

Some of our partners are :

  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd.
  • Intel India
  • Philips India
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Ashirvadam Trust
  • Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR), Government of Karnataka

Here is an example report of a corporate partnership to rejuvenate Hemapura and Taverekere mini-watershed where good results of ground water table getting rejuvenated is observed. Many borewells have been reported to have come back to life after one rain cycle.

Tavarekere Corporate Partnership HAL Report

Hemapura Corporate Partnership Bosch Report

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