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Kumudvathi river

Kumudvathi river rejuvenation project derives the implementation of ground water recharge methodology based on the Action plan as described in the document available below…

Project summary        Detailed action plan

The project report has been reviewed by reputed geological journals like ‘The Current Science’ and ‘Geological Society of India’ and reported as one of the best and practical ways to rejuvenate water bodies.

Review_CurrentSceince        Review_GeoSoceityofIndia

Kumudvathi river is a tributary to Arkavathi river. Both are the source rivers for Tippagondanahalli reservoir which  was supplying  30% of drinking water to Bangalore city about  two decades ago.The Kumudvathi river starts from Shivagange hills, around 50km from Bangalore city and flows across 278 villages covering 460 sq.kms encompassing major part of Nelamangala Taluk, Bangalore Rural District and parts of  Magadi Taluk, Ramanagra District.Due to various reasons like deforestation, unsustainable extraction of ground water, soil erosion, encroachments and massive eucalyptus plantations Kumudvathi river has dwindled resulting in serious water crisis for drinking and agriculture in all the villages under the river basin. Click  the map to zoom
Rejuvenation methodologyIt is definitely possible to revive back the river by adopting proven scientific methodologies to conserve rain water and revive the ground water table over the entire river basin covering 460 Sq. KMs.Once the ground water table comes back to its original level, excess rain water will naturally flow as streams networks and finally the bigger trunk of the river will be visible at the final course of the river down stream. Rain water conservation involves following simple steps:

Geological maps overlapped with Remote sensing satellite imagery provides accurate locations for recharge structures along with stream path. Sample ground water recharge plan for one of the geological areas under the river basin is shown here.

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